The Working of a Bong Explained

Bongs have been around ever since human beings started smoking the pot. It is believed the bongs originated from Thailand and parts of Africa. Currently, the bongs are being used in all parts of the world. The bong refers to the device that is used when smoking cannabis. The process of using a bong is straightforward: firstly, you pour some water, then you pack the bowl and finally light it up.

Types of bongs

types of bongsThere are two types of bongs in the world: the standard and the gravity bongs. The standard bongs are made of different materials like wood, bamboo, acryl, plastic, and glass. Whenever the term bong is mentioned, this is the type of bong that will ring in the minds of many people.

The gravity bong refers to the crafted and handmade bongs from anything around you. You might have to improvise a few things in the house when you want to smoke the pot when this happens, the type of bong is usually referred to as the gravity bong.

Getting higher

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether the bong gets individuals higher than when they use the other types of devices to smoke. The answer is yes; you will get higher when you smoke the bong as compared to other methods like the blunt and the pipe. Some of the reasons as to why you will get higher when you use a bong includes;

  • The chamber of the bong will give you a huge hit
  • By inhaling it in this form, it will go straight to your head
  • Smoking cannabis in a glass bong does not lead to any contamination
  • The water in the bong will cool the vapor. Therefore, its molecules will be processed quickly inside the lungs

Using water bottle bong

The water bottle bong operates by an action referred to as simple suction. A bong is made up of three parts namely the mouthpiece, chamber, bowl, carb, and downstem.

  • The mouthpiece refers to where the lips are pressed onto the bongs
  • The chamber is the section where the smokes goes once the cannabis has been burned
  • The bowl refers to the part where the marijuana is held before being lit

Watch the video below on how to use a bong;


operation The water is first poured into the bong. The downstem should be wholly covered which means that the water should be of enough volume. After that pack the bowl with enough marijuana.

You can then place your mouth onto the mouthpiece, followed by lighting the bowl and then begin inhaling it slowly. Once the milky-white smoke is full in the chamber, you can then release the carb by pulling the slider and then intake the remaining smoke. Once you exhale the smoke, you can then return the slider